Digital Storytelling

Design Activity 4

What I found most interesting from this weeks design activity is the affect the premise of the video actually had in the activity we did. Thinking back to this, I […]

Design Activity 3

How to Write Field Notes Part 1: INSCRIPTION  Choose a site on campus (library, atrium, cafeteria, Starbucks, gym, pool, hallway, etc.) to observe for 20-30 minutes (#1-7 in How to Write FieldNotes handout). […]

Design Activity 2

What do you want to change? What is a problem/challenge/issue your community is facing? The problem at hand is the vast differences present between the two separate schools (The Haub School […]

Design Activity 1

The task at hand was to design a communication plan using the Design Thinking method, centered around the act of ‘gift giving’. This was an interesting challenge because there were […]