Miles and Smiles Away


My last travel with my best friends for my time abroad! Still crazy to think how long ago we planned this and now its all over! We walked a lot […]


Final Project for Photojournalism: The Art of Travel When traveling there is an overwhelming need to see the quintessential parts that make an area what it is, or at least […]

Travel Writing

This semester I took the course Travel Writing where I wrote three pieces, each focused on a different aspect our professor Tommy emphasized: 1. Give me flesh and blood (characters) […]

A Danish Thanksgiving

This week I became a Copenhagen tour guide as I had two visitors for the week/weekend-my friend Olivia from home, and Madeline from school!   Tuesday, November 21st I had […]

Norway, Unplugged

This past weekend I traveled to Bergen, Norway ~solo~ I took the weekend to experience this new place by deleting social media and the meaningless scrolling that accompanies it and […]

This Abroad Life

Recently I had to register for classes for my spring semester back at SJU (not the best scheduling experience I’ve had), which has made me realize that I definitley am […]

STUDY abroad

Welcome back to my life abroad!! I am currently writing this weeks post at 5AM from a very deserted gate in the CPH airport awaiting my flight to Germany!! (may […]

Core Course Week

This week was Core Course Week at DIS! This meant that I had none of my other classes, instead we got to travel with our core course (mine is strategic […]

Cooking in Cope

Living in an Residential Community means that meals/cooking/food etc are all up to me! This wasn’t too much of a stretch for me because I did live in an apartment […]

A Few of My Favorite Things

Running on the beach surrounded by people walking their dogs, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, laying out, reading a book, fishing, doing everything or nothing at all but just enjoying the […]

Wednesday Field Study!

Wednesday’s at DIS are free from classes and filled with field studies, and while some Wednesdays are totally free, others are filled with interesting adventures with our classes! On my […]

New Country who DIS

Here is just a general (kind of very detailed actually) overview of my first week in Copenhagen! There is just so much to say about this new experience, and I didn’t want […]