Design Activity 2

What do you want to change? What is a problem/challenge/issue your community is facing?

The problem at hand is the vast differences present between the two separate schools (The Haub School of Business and The College of Arts & Sciences). The issue seen here is the unawareness had by students and faculty of each school, and the great divide in place. As a member of both of these separate communities I identify with both, though see nothing ‘wrong’/’right’ about their practices, which differ greatly.

The challenge I see here is the difficulty a student has to break into either community and understand their roles as the major they identify with. By understanding that the same outcome (knowledge, degree, etc.) is produced, just by different methods, a conversation, understanding, and a sense of support can be introduced.


A red titled roof, a blue sky, unique initials engraved by someone in this world. Welcome to the top of The Duomo, one of the most notable pieces of architecture in Italy. This photo does not show the popular view from this structure, but instead the small finite details that make up this piece of art. It is these intricate design decisions that make The Duomo a part of the Italian culture. Though, this photo seems as though it could be anywhere, not just on such a popular creation. Thus calling us to question our own ideas of what is beautiful, just these classic ‘tourist traps’ or something more, something within, where the real heart of a place is found.


I find that photos are a great way to tell stories, where words cannot do it justice. The art of storytelling lies in its ability to be done in a multitude of mediums; oral, written, photo, and video. I think that with this photovoice exercise, I realized the importance that storytelling has on change, especially in this form of photography. With this project I will have the ability to capture what I believe to be abstract views on the differences I see present as a person of these communities. I think this is a great power that everyone, not just a professional photographer, can do. This is something I thought differently about when I first did the readings and wrote my integration paper. Though, after seeing Taryn Simon’s work, I saw the ability that a photo and caption can have on an individual and group, and how anyone, even amateurs, can accomplish this.


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