Design Activity 4

What I found most interesting from this weeks design activity is the affect the premise of the video actually had in the activity we did. Thinking back to this, I only now realize why I personally had so much difficulty in the activity of putting the scenes in the correct order.

This video discussed how the long game has changed due to the younger population’s need for immediacy and their struggle with patience. I thought the video was really well done, it kept my attention, and I understood the premise once it was complete. All of these findings were arranged in such a way that an affective story was told according to Bernard’s Documenting storytelling: creating nonfiction on screen.

As the activity portion commenced I looked at the various scenes and realized just how difficult a time I would have arranging these squares. Though I was present in watching the video, my mind even during that short time span wandered for pieces. Luckily, the video was of great arrangement and our group was able to remember the key pieces and put in the place the supporting scenes.

I think this realization is important because it puts into practice just how important videos are to get a point across to a group through history and facts. Though, it also demonstrates how affective communication can elevate this medium and help the viewer retain the important points.

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