Design Activity 6

The method I am applying in my Photovoice Project is participant observation. I applied this method by being a participating individual in the dual communities in which I am looking to influence. I am both a student in Arts & Sciences as well as the Business school, along with this I am also a social member of organizations that are associated with each of these divisions of the university.

This method was first used extensively in the late nineteenth century to study Zuni Indians, and it is commonly employed by individuals interested in ethnographic and qualitative research of powerful communities.

This method offers researchers the opportunity to gain a more intimate look into a community, as they have direct access to the people that make up the group, and are able to experience what they are, ideally in order to practice a more intense involvement and produce a more comprehensive analysis.

The challenges that I see in this method are that I am taking a role as a full participant, allowing for myself to occupy a specific role in each of these communities. I find that I need to take into consideration many viewpoints, as well as control my own tendencies when witnessing barriers in the community. This is where biases can arise, as a member can become too engulfed in a community and understand issues differently than another would when utilizing fly on the wall observation for example.

My Phase 2 Photos:


My Research Method in Action:

Arts & Sciences Social Community

Business School Social Community 

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