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You walk into your local Starbucks and order a grande white chocolate mocha, no whipped creme. As you patiently await your hot drink served in the patented red cups you feel a sense of giddy delight, as it is officially the holiday season and no place does it up better than good ole Starbs.

but wait…

As the barista calls out your order you reach for your red cup. Your name is of course spelled wrong, but something else is off, different.

That’s right people, Starbucks has made a stance on the beloved holidays, and everybody is kind of freaking out about it, even Donald Trump.

As it has every year (since 1997) Starbucks has released their holiday cup. In previous years the company has had christmas trees, snowman, and ornaments adorning the cups, but this year the company opted for a new style. The 2015 Starbucks red cup is this year just that, a red cup. The company says that this years theme is meant to inspire its customers to create their own designs on their drinks just like they have on the traditional white ones.


Though, Starbucks has not received the feedback they had hoped, as controversy has overtaken what was supposed to be an exciting time to start off the holiday season. Apparently, Starbucks is waging a ‘War on Christmas’


mean tweet1 mean tweet2 mean tweet3


Though, many have taken what is a ‘drastic’ change to their favorite pick me ups and have added some much needed humor to the situation, making #ItsJustACup trend on Twitter.


nice tweet1 nice tweet2 nice tweet3

As always, social media has taken a small decision and made it into a huge movement. What will be interesting to see is the effect this movement will have on both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts sales this season. Will a simplistic design win out, or will an emphasis on Christmas reign supreme? Vote below and let me know which side your on for this first world controversy.


Where will you be stopping to get your next caffeine fix?


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