Beverages or Bust

The Topic:

Liquids–from the standard coffee and teas, all the way to the more exotic green juices and matcha, our world is surrounded with different beverages from all corners of the world. Why drinks you ask? Well, I am a particularly picky eater when it comes to food, especially vegetables. Over my eighteen years of life I have found that drinks are actually spectacular. They can fill me up, provide me with nutrients, and keep me hydrated…crazy, I know. With my active lifestyle I’ve always had to stay hydrated because I would (and still do) overheat. This meant that drinking tons of water, sports drinks, and milk have always been very normal for me. For some reason I enjoy testing out different beverages rather than foods, so this topic is not just of interest to me, but it will be a learning experience along the way. Instead of focusing on just one type of drink, I have instead decided to incorporate many on Liquid. This is to not only generate more variety to the information produced, but also serve as an ever changing platform for readers to both gain knowledge on and enjoy par-oozing. Why exactly do we drink what we do? What benefits do they provide? How exactly do all of these coffee shops differ? All of these questions and more I plan to uncover through my blog, Liquid.


The Audience:

Everyone. Though, I feel that my writing style and content will mostly fit readers between, but not limited to, the ages of 18-30. At this point in these readers life there is an ability to access this site as well as specific areas that will most certainly be mentioned in posts. This blog is for everyone with a sense of adventure, a sense of thought, and a sense of fun. I find myself reading blogs that are meant for older readers or a different audience all the time, but this has never limited me from reading them, which is exactly the type of attitude I want my audience to have. Therefore, though there is an age range, everyone who enjoys a beverage, some history, or an intriguing site, is welcomed to not just read, but be a part of the community that is, Liquid.


The Competition:  


This website features many articles written about types of beverages as well as beverage companies. From reviews to breaking news, this site includes the latest on many major industries. This site is strictly based around drinks, but also provides a magazine for its readers, as well as job listings and events.


Toby Amidor

Writer Toby Amidor, a nutrition expert at Food Network writes many articles, a majority concerning beverages and their health information. There are some food related topics thrown in, so it is not solely about beverages, due to the pieces being on the Food Network website. Each article is centered on nutrition to improve the knowledge of the readers who frequent this site, which is primarily food based.


Books and Beverages

A website entitled Books and Beverages, the creator and author Jamie Lapeyrolerie discusses books, beverages, and pictures. Within the beverages section there are lists of recipes and locations of different areas the author has visited, though most are alcohol related. This site includes a more personal approach to the writing and is more concerned with taste and quality rather than nutritional value.


Maple Avenue Juice

A very trendy and current site considering the topic of the writings are all on juicing, a current obsession of many. This blog features recipes on juices, smoothies, and salads, as well as some personal experience and insight attached to it. This website promotes health and well-being and is done so through the passion of the creator, as stated in the “about” section. Questions, comments, and responses in general are highly encouraged as to help everyone live a healthier lifestyle.


Hello Subscription 

I feel it is important to also note a website which promotes the new obsession of food boxes, except now with beverages. This subscription service lists all of the boxes available for purchase with a description as well as link to the website included. This site shows very diverse beverages ranging from coffee and tea, to wine and beer. The topic of beverages is not limited to just websites and blogs, specialty sites such as this one also discuss a variety of drinks and therefore appeal to a wide range of consumers.


These websites all incorporate beverages, but what makes my site different is the variety it will contain across all topics concerning this theme. From researching these website competitors I have realized that each has a specific guideline that is followed. Some are health related, while others include the topic of beverages as only a side to the total site. My site will have nutrition, history, locations, and interesting facts all combining with my direct thoughts, to create a more personal style of writing for my readers. To pair with my posts, pictures will also be included, relevant to each blog’s topic. Each week will play host to a particular beverage, and each will concern a different direction of content, not all simply being recipes for example. By pulling from a vast array of ideas concerning beverages, my website will cover the most thought provoking content, arranging it all in such a way that this site will be the direct stop for the sole topic of beverages.


Welcome to Liquid.


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