Dorm Room Drinks


Attention college students: this ones for you (and of course everyone else)

Since my time in college, I have already learned the art of creativity, aka: how to make all things in the microwave. As the fall weather, and dare I say winter season, is quickly approaching, the sweatshirts and fuzzy socks have begun to make an appearance. With this switch in closet attire, also comes the need for a nice warm drink to escape the wicked wind blowing outside your small dorm window.

Inside a traditional dorm room or a suite style I have quickly realized that there are a lot of different ways to achieve your morning coffee or your afternoon tea. If you happened to be stuck inside because of say, the Pope, being in your city, or maybe because a hurricane has left you cold and indoors, keep reading to learn more about the vast array of drinks that can be made inside your college dorm room.



· Microwave

Take your filtered Brita water, pour it into a mug, microwave it for two minutes or so, take it out and TA-DA, boiled water!

· Keurig

Only a few lucky souls have these beauties. We all know how to work them, there are endless drink possibilities, plus it’s like having a built in air freshener when you start brewing!

· Hot Shot

This is new to me, but basically it’s perfect for those of us who want that perfect mix of a Keurig and microwave. This little appliance boils the water really fast so your ready for whichever drink you decide to make.


Types of drinks to make

· Hot chocolate

The definition of winter and cold weather, hot chocolate is definitely my long time favorite. Get the individual packets to keep in your room, or always have them on hand in your purse or backpack, you never know when you’ll get that craving!

· Tea

Ahhh tea, yes the quintessential book reading drink. Nowadays there are so many to choose from and each works for many different areas of your life. I of course suggest matcha for an overall feeling of greatness, but then there are also ones to make you fall asleep or even clean out that cafeteria filled digestive system.

· Coffee

This one can be a tad tricky, but my advice instead of going out to buy your black coffee with one cream and two sugars is to try Maxwell House International Cafe. My personal trick is to buy the suisse mocha and french vanilla and then mix them together, because being a barista is fun. Of course make sure that you have a spoon or some utensil on hand to mix all of these drinks.


Not only do you feel super domestic making your own cup of joe, but you also don’t have to leave your humble abode to buy that caffeine fix you so crave. Make it a movie night, or read the morning newspaper with a nice steaming drink next to you. With the changing of seasons we all want the feeling of comfort and warmth, and now with so many ways to achieve this, all you’ll need are some cute mugs!


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