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In the third installment of the Drink of the Week series, a different spin on the classic ‘liquid’ will be taking place. This blog encompasses so much more than just beverages, and as my last post shows, there are so many fun things that one can do with a simple liquid. As with all of the brands mentioned in this series, I have personally tried each of these products, that way each one featured has my honest opinion and stamp of approval.



I got Vega One, what about you?
I got Vega One, what about you?

This week Liquid is proud to introduce Vega, a powder that can go inside of your morning smoothie, afternoon snack, or sweet treat! With so many options, this additive can easily fit into anyones lifestyle. The goal of Vega is to promote health, but not in the ‘quick fix’ way. Vega believes in small steps and changes, and instead of taking away from your diet, they want to add to it! This is where Vega really caught my attention, the companies sole mission is to help an individual on their health journey by supplying a product that is easy to use and will aid in the quest for nutritional improvement. When I first started to explore Vega (mentioned to me by my sister) I became a tad overwhelmed as to which product would best fit my lifestyle. My problem was solved on Vega’s website where I took a quiz that told me exactly what would work best!



I tried the Vega One Nutritional Shake in the flavor of French Vanilla (fancy I know). Inside of this container are a multitude of amazing health benefits. When I first looked at the container I was greeted with a colorful line on the bottom which showed me just what exactly makes this drink mix so good for you.

Contained in one scoop of this powder is:

22-one-tub-large-fv_220 grams of protein

6 servings of greens

50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals

Fiber, omega-3, antioxidants

The grand total of all of this goodness racks up to a mere 160 calories!

There are many different types of products offered by Vega. This includes the classic nutritional powder, as well as sport performance varieties. Though Vega offers much more, expanding their products into the protein/snack bar area and of course extras such as recipe books and the ever popular blender bottle.



Background: I first tried this drink at about 8:30 AM after I had finished my run outside and ate a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. It was also 52 degrees fahrenheit. With a 40% change of rain. And a Thursday.

Okay, so the moment you’ve all been waiting for, my experience with the Vega One Nutritional Shake in French Vanilla! I first made my drink with one scoop of the powder into my blender bottle and then filled the bottle up until about the 16oz line. Then I thoroughly enjoyed myself shaking up my bottle until everything was dissolved.

I personally have never in my life tried a protein powder, and so I really had no idea what to expect with my first taste. Though I will say I was thoroughly surprised, in a good way. I found that the french vanilla really enhanced the flavor more than just plain vanilla could, which was good for me considering I am a chocolate gal. I am sure this is a suitable way for many to enjoy their Vega powder, but I personally am not a fan of the thin consistency of just adding water. I then ventured on Vega’s website to see if there were any other ways to include the superfood into my diet. There were so many options to choose from under the recipes tab, depending on where you wanted to include the mix. I wanted to stick with adding mine into a beverage (considering I don’t actually make any food in my oh so tiny dorm room). With this said, I have come across a multitude of recipes I cannot wait to try out (mostly because they are easy to replicate in the dining hall). Among my favorites within the smoothie category are the peanut butter protein shake and the sneaky green smoothie.



Vega was founded by both Charles Chang and Brendan Brazier who combined their skills and knowledge to make a product that aids in overall health. Brendan, a professional triathlete, came to the realization that nutrition was the edge he needed, and with the help of Chang they worked to make Vega the groundbreaking product it now is.

It takes a cup of vision, a scoop of determination, a pound of curiosity, an ounce of innovation, and a dash of serendipity to make our foodscape better, one small step at a time

I encourage everyone to explore Vega’s website and see what will inspire you to take action in your life. For me, the individual blogs that are broken up into different categories are what really gave my mind the boost it needed. The articles are insightful and just plain fun to read! So try it out for yourself and find your own inspiration-stop wishing and start doing.

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