Drink of the Week: Karma Wellness Water


Since my last post featuring Good Karma Café, I have had this nagging feeling to delve deeper into the uniqueness that many places such as this coffee shop possess. Not just places in particular, but brands and actuall drinks too. After some research I have found so many different beverages out there, leading me to add a new type of post to my Liquid blog. Every so often I will be posting twice a week in order to feature what will be called Drink of the Week. It will be short, sweet, informative, and make you want to put down that plan ole water bottle. This weeks Drink of the Week features Karma Wellness Water (obviously still really into the whole karma deal).

Let’s start with the packaging. On top of this bottle of water is a little topper that when pressed a colorful powder explodes into your drink, and not all over your hands. So what’s in this powder? Encased inside its patented Karma Cap is all of the vitamins that you would find in other drinks. So what makes this one unique? Over time vitamins infused in water start to lose their umph so your just really left with the hefty amount of calories without all of the nutrients you expected. In Karma Wellness Water the powder is stored safely until you are ready to peel, push, and shake! Each of the five products this company offers has a different mission and a thus a different flavoring:

Balance- acai pomberry

Vitality- coconut pineapple

Body- raspberry guava jackfruit

Spirit- passionfruit green tea

Mind- orange mango

At only 20 calories a bottle, I’d say this cool looking drink will definitely revamp what you’ll want to grab the next time you want a drink.


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