Humans of Liquid


In our everyday lives we cross paths with many humans. On our walk to class, our bus rides to work, or our dinner out with friends. That passerby, the man whom you sit across from, the hostess greeting you, everyone has their own history. Their piece of life circumstances or advice that they have lived through, their stories. These human’s lives matter, and unfortunately throughout our own lives we will not be able to meet everyone we pass on the street. This same thought process is had by many, it is impossible to experience new people from all corners of the world, but thankfully there are bright and intriguing minds out there that make this accessible.

In 2010 Humans of New York (HONY) was born. It is a compilation of portraits of different people followed with a brief caption about the individual subject. This blog was founded by accidental photographer, Brandon Stanton, who after losing his job in Chicago moved to New York. While there he had the goal of taking 10,000 people’s pictures and plotting their locations on a map of New York. Though, soon this small project turned into a deeper look into the humans that make up such a vibrant city.



Not only do I personally want to know everyone’s story, but in the spirit of this blog, I also want to know what you’re drinking. Why are you sitting in this coffee shop at 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon? What did you order? Why? Not only am I eager to uncover a new beverage order, but I’m also excited to experience a moment of real life told by an individual. My own version of Humans of New York, the Humans of Liquid.




Favorite Liquid: Coffee

“I add cream in it so I can see the clouds in my coffee, and then I always think of that song by Carly Simon. It’s my morning friend, and I love when people make it for me. I enjoy sitting on my back porch watching birds, it’s my morning meeting where I think and organize my thoughts, get in the state of mind to jump start my day.”




drinkFavorite Liquid: Lemonade

“Well my birthday is in July and drinking it always makes me think of that and summer”

Favorite Liquid: Starbucks Dirty Chai

“I always get it iced not hot, and then with a shot of espresso in it that way it tastes stronger and not like milk”

Favorite Liquid: Hot Chocolate

“It’s warm and it brings me back to playing in the snow as a kid and coming inside to drink some hot cocoa”





Favorite Liquid: Iced Tea

“It’s very quenching, I’m not a soda drinker, I don’t need the carbonation. I’m not as much of a hot tea drinker, I’m a cold drinker, I need ice, over in Italy they don’t use any ice. I don’t want to just buy it off the shelf, I like it homemade, with love in it.”



I challenge everyone to get to know someone before they make a judgement, because you never know what is really going on behind someone’s actions. The best thing we as humans can do is listen. Just listen to what someone else has to say, it truly is the best form of flattery out there. There is something really special to be said about Brandon Stanton, he turned his love for photography and meeting new people into a business and a brand, now that’s an original HONY moment.

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

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