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Not only do we all love to drink various liquids, but in order to do just this we must be drinking out of something, hence the beloved admiration we have for containers. From bottles, to mugs, to pineapples, containers hold our precious beverages, and nowadays there are some really cool ones out there. With the fall season in our midst, and soon the holidays, beverages hot and cold will be in all their glory, so read on to get to know the unique side of liquids.



I so wish I could say that I love tea and drink it all the time and therefore these tea infusers would be quite relevant to myself, but unfortunately this is not the case. Though, I have grown to enjoy some teas, which made me interested to know just how exactly everyone makes their own particular cup. These tea infusers are popular because loose-leaf tea has become the new obsession over tea bags. The main reason for this switch is of course health. Since the tea contained in a tea bag is mostly dust, and not the whole leaves, there is no expansion of the leaf for water to pass through. By infusing loose leaf tea into hot water the leaves can expand allowing for the extraction of vitamins, minerals, and stronger flavors, what’s not to love?

Shifting to loose-leaf is definitely worth a try, and places such as Teavana are a great place to start. But in the meantime make sure to research the most important part of switching to loose-leaf, the tea infusers! To help you out on this endeavor, here are my personal favorites:

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Ahhh yes mugs, the quintessential vessel of choice when it comes to hot liquids. I personally use mugs for everything, because well they are just fun to drink and even eat out of, and with such different ones everyplace you go, there’s always a new mug to be found!

While in college I can unfortunately not store all of my mugs in my room, and washing dishes in the bathroom is not my favorite pastime. With this said I did of course bring along my favorites, each serving their own liquid purpose. Click on the pictures below to see where you can find mugs like these!

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Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate


The packaging on beverages has really been amped up these past few years, mostly due to the emphasis on recycling and the implementation of organic, natural, and fair trade products. Due to this, companies have been rolling out new brands, which are adorned with the most creative packaging and labels. A blog dedicated to just this, The Dieline, founded in 2007 by Andrew Gibbs is dedicated to rebranding the most popular drinks on the shelves. Gibbs started out as a packaging production artist, and soon branched out to start what was at first a small blog featuring pictures of products he had taken at stores. Today The Dieline is a place where artists and professionals in the industry come together to redefine packaging. After par-oozing the site for a bit (hours) I came across some ingenious designs that will transform your ideas of what a bottle of water can look like.

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Beverage containers really do make all the difference; it can turn a get together into the party of the year! This section is dedicated to all of the creative minds out there that asked, “Why not put a liquid in there?”


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