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There are many areas around Philadelphia that are worth exploring. From the liberty bell to the rocky steps, this city is full of history. All of these occurrences of yesteryear are what makes this city who it is, but I think my favorite part is all of the different neighborhoods, the millions of eclectic places around each and every corner.

Coffee is a staple drink, and just like Philadelphia, has been around forever and is constantly changing. Nowadays there are so many different types of beverages on the menus of coffee shops, all with their own unique style. There are so many different shops to visit wherever you are, and Philadelphia definitely tops this list.

While strolling down the streets surrounding Rittenhouse Square, one can find gorgeous houses with doors painted each a different bright color. From shopping, to art, and food, this neighborhood is a great weekend destination. But for those of us who are fortunate to live close enough to this diverse piece of culture, it’s the little places that can take you away for a while. Sure, the coffee chains are convenient and on every other street, but a true coffee shop, the one where you walk in and all of your senses are overwhelmed in the best way possible, that’s where true bliss is found.

house karma2

Walking into a coffee shop you find all types of humans. Those who are diligently working away on their laptops-drinking an iced coffee, or those who are reading-sipping on a latte, and then those who enjoy the sheer ambiance that each coffee shop encompasses. Me personally, I enjoy the environment. I enjoy seeing everyone so enveloped in their individual work, but more than that I enjoy passion. The passion of the customers that make up the coffee shop, of the barista making your drink, and of the location itself. Each coffee shop has its own niche; there is no competition, just improvement, because what will be, will always be.

Good Karma Café is one such haven. With three locations in Philadelphia, I know that I, among many others, will be able to experience all that this place has to offer, more than once. Before even walking into their Rittenhouse Square location I was mesmerized by the street it was on and the buildings surrounding it. Then I walked inside, and was greeted by the warm smell of coffee, the eye catching menu, and the friendly atmosphere that the occupants inside relayed as they took a break and looked up from their computer screens, accepting the common ground that we all seemed to share.


counter falldrink farmtoyou  karma3 outsidesign1 scene signfull

The baristas behind the counter, Nick and Katie, allowed me to take pictures of their beverage making process (aka the pretty designs adorned atop every Instagram worthy beverage). When thinking about my blog, I thought an interview would be good, or a description of how to make some fancy drink would work. I then got to thinking about what I wanted to see when I got behind that counter, it wasn’t exactly how to make a drink, or asking questions about their menu, it was simply observing people in their element. So thats exactly what I did. I took pictures, I observed, and I most importantly enjoyed. As much as this blog is about beverages, I feel that it can also be related so much with life, and Good Karma Cafe is the perfect blend of such an idea, to enjoy the moment.

step1 step2 step3 step4 step5 step6 step7 step8 step9 step10 step11 step12 step13

I hope that everyone gets the opportunity to experience a moment everyday that leaves them smiling, and a trip to Good Karma Cafe is sure to do just this. Do your homework, write a blog, read a new book, enjoy the AMAZING drinks, and of course, take tons of pictures. Be in love with your life, every minute of it.


drink1 newdrink

drink3 drink4 IMG_4105 insta

I had so much fun at Good Karma Cafe and I want my readers to experience all that this unique shop has to offer too! So make sure to visit their website and follow them on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter!

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