Rethink What You Drink



As much as I love sugary drinks, there is a side of me that still says, “Umm Carly, you probably shouldn’t be consuming this all the time.” It is important to realize that not everything with a label slapped on the side is okay for you to drink, and like every health expert out there suggests, moderation is key, but every now and then we do want to treat ourselves. Here’s some information on what exactly is in some of our favorite drinks, and why we probably should not be consuming these all the time. Read on for knowledge you may not have known, and hopefully this post influences you to rethink what you drink!


The usual culprits

Energy Drinks

  • Problem: Too much caffeine and sugar in one drink means you will ultimately crash, and overwhelming your body with this much of a concoction is not good for your heart
  • Swap: Green tea or matcha-get the energy you need without the calories


  • Problem: Your literally drinking chemicals, rule of thumb-if you can’t pronounce it, don’t drink it
  • Swap: ICE water-still caffeinated to give you the allusion of soda, but much less ingredients and calories

Fancy Coffee

  • Problem: A large icy coffee drink contains 1/3 of your maximum intake of saturated fat, and has more sugar than caffeine, which is where your buzz is actually coming from
  • Swap: Order a skinny version of your favorite order, which means the barista will use non fat milk, no whipped cream, and sugar free flavoring syrup


The unsuspected suspects

Fruit Smoothies

  • Problem: This ones shocking right? Fruit alone is good for you, but the amount added into a drink can contain an insane amount of sugar with very little protein
  • Swap: Try a green smoothie which incorporates some nutritious leafy greens into your drink besides copious amounts of fruit-bonus points if you add some super food boosters


  • Problem: The powder you buy in stores contains the same ingredients as soda, and not only that, there’s also an insane amount of sugar which means your ultimately drinking candy-it’s a wonder this is a universal kid favorite
  • Swap: Instead of mixing a powder with water, try adding fresh lemon to water and add a little stevia to get that sweetness you crave


  • Problem: Since we all know that milk is good for us, companies have started marketing all milk as body friendly, but the flavored milk we love so much is not really milk at all-just artificial flavoring
  • Swap: Instead of chocolate or strawberry milk stick to plain white milk and drink it sparingly, such as only after a workout to help heal sore muscles


Water of course is your best bet when it comes to hydration, but sometimes we need some variety in our life. No, you should not be drinking lemonade with every meal, but if you want it every now and again, I say go for it. Your life belongs to you, and it is up to you how you treat your body. There are those of us who drink soda like it’s going out of style, and then there are some of us who have sworn off all flavored caffeinated beverages. Of course, the fewer the better, and moderation is always appropriate, but at the end of the day it is solely your responsibility with what you choose from that soda fountain. I’m personally guilty of treating myself to a fancy coffee drink every once in a while (every Wednesday). But, this consumption of a sugary beverage has never made me feel remorseful for drinking it. Getting this drink once a week has allowed me to look forward to consuming it and enjoying every ounce of that sweet treat. What would life be like without happiness, a little something in our days to make us smile?

“I have chosen to be happy because it is good for my health” –Voltaire

Happiness comes in many different ways and forms, and if your happiness is that pumpkin spiced latte on a Sunday morning, I say enjoy it!


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