The Juicing Generation


You’ve probably heard about this new idea for nutrition in this health crazed society our world is slowly transitioning into. The epitome of health, the go to for a body cleanse, juicing is here and is something everyone should give a try. So what is juicing, why is it so great, and who exactly is doing it? All is to be uncovered through my own personal experiences as well as some informative facts and information behind this term of juicing. 



Though it seems like it’s just the latest trend, juicing has actually been around since even before the 1930’s when the first modern juicer was invented by Norman Walker, who lived to be 100. Then a man by the name of Jack LaLanne pitched this idea in the 70’s and 80’s, dying at age 96. As you can see, juicing must have some perks to it, and is why this idea has caught on to many others in present day.



In order to make a juice one must first have a juicer. This tool separates the juice from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other foods, hence the term juicing. Instead of shoving your daily servings of fruits and vegetables down, juicing allows for all of your daily nutritional needs to be blended up into one, thus making it even easier to consume more raw produce.



Now there are many ways to juice, and in my opinion all are great. First there’s the serious juicing machines, which press the ingredients until the juice is extracted, which is usually found in juice bars or what you will find in bottled juices. Next, there is blended juicing, typically refereed to as a green smoothie. This is when ingredients are put into a high speed blender and everything is blended up into a liquid consistency. Those who juice will line up on either side of which is really the best, but juice is juice, and any nutrition is good nutrition. Most juice bars will use high end equipment in order to fully extract the flavors from the ingredients. Whereas most of us, including myself, opt for the smaller blenders, which are much more time and space conscience.

Here, a higher scale juicing production is shown through pressing the ingredients to make cold-pressed juice.


Hot Spot Destination: P.S. & Co.

Since juicing has become more and more popular in people’s lifestyles, juice bars have begun popping up everywhere. These shops really are such a unique experience to visit due to their individual vibes that each has different from the next. One such spot is located in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. P.S & Co. is a 100% organic, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher cafe serving up food, juice, sweets and more. I visited this hot spot and it did not disappoint. I have been to quite a lot of juice bars, each having a different theme, but none quite like the authentic and natural feel that was given off the moment I spotted the sign for the juice bar from the street.


From entering the shop a case was displayed which featured many different sweets, all tailored to the Thanksgiving holiday. I chose two chocolate chip salted caramel cookies, all gluten free of course, because when in Rome, right? I also choose the Elvis smoothie, which contained peanut butter, cacao powder, banana, nut milk, and ice. Now you can’t leave a juice bar without getting a cold pressed juice, so I got the UBUD. These juices aren’t made on the spot, but are made before and bottled and placed in their fridge. Inside this juice is lemon, apple, pineapple, ginger, cayenne, and tumeric. The spices were no joke, and really gave you a warm sensation with the first sip, but definitely a thirst quencher.

case cookies



I believe that juicing is all around great. I personally hate vegetables, and knew I was not getting my daily doses of greens, so being able to blend up more greens then I would normally eat in a week, and have it gone before lunch, was definitely a positive for me. I usually make my green smoothies with spinach, kale, and fruit on hand such as a banana and pineapple, flaxseed, almonds, and coconut water. It’s simple and quick to whip up in the mornings, and everyday is different with what or how much I add in. I personally noticed that when I was regularly drinking my juice I had more energy and my skin was very clear. Of course this could all be in my head, but either way was a win in my opinion. Trust me, once you get past to the interesting colors you will get from the different combinations of ingredients, juicing is worth the try, and seeking out cute juice bars are of course a bonus.


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