A Few of My Favorite Things

  • Running on the beach surrounded by people walking their dogs, biking, rollerblading, skateboarding, swimming, laying out, reading a book, fishing, doing everything or nothing at all but just enjoying the BEAUTIFUL surroundings and the beautiful weather while it is still here
  • Hopping on my bike and riding down a super long street with the wind in my hair and no pressure to have to use signals and turn because I still get very nervous taking one hand off of the handle bars! It’s no wonder when people think of Danes they think of them riding their bikes with a great big smile on their face because I’m sure this is my face as well!
  • Waiting for the metro and having people ask me how to use it or where to go (even better when I actually know the answer to their questions!).
  • Thursday, August 31st. After a slight afternoon rain, I walked to DIS for my last class of the week greeted by yellow leaves falling on the cobblestone streets and the absolute best smell in the world. No people, I am not talking about coffee or cinnamon buns, I am talking about the smell of fall in the air!
  • In my travel writing class we have been out in the streets of Copenhagen, tasked with observing strangers and writing about them and then talking with strangers, about anything at all, and writing it down. I think this exercise can really be done anywhere in any city and it is something that really is so important for everyone to challenge themselves with doing. Talking with someone about their day, their favorite sport in Copenhagen, and being able to learn more about one person, or about yourself and how well you are able to interact with people. I just really like these types of things, here’s a little bit about these ‘People of Cope’
I met her inside a small jewelry store in Nørreport. Maria’s favorite spot in Copenhagen is the National Museum because she is studying humanities in school. The school she attends now is in South Korea, where she has received her Masters and is now studying for her PhD. Her Bachelors degree was received at the University of Copenhagen, but she told me that the city is slowly getting rid of humanities in school and that is why she left. She returns to Copenhagen only in the summers where she works at this jewelry shop.


Rolf and Nina
Sitting together outside of the Glass Market together, Nina (Rolf’s mother) made sure to take her time answering each of my questions, while Rolf sat quietly. She told me that she and her son met up on this day ‘just because’. They chose this place because Nina always has flowers and plants in her home and right now she has none, so today her son is going to get her more (Rolf rolled his eyes at this). The only thing the pair like more than the city of Copenhagen is their summer home in North Zealand, but if they had to pick something they disliked about the city it would definitley be the cars. They laughed when I asked if they biked everywhere, because neither own a bike. As they finished the last of their coffees and their pack of cigarettes we parted ways. I hope Nina got her flowers.

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