Doing All The Things!

Since I don’t have clubs and the events/meetings associated with them while abroad I am able to fill my time with other stuff! So, this past week I have done a lot of new and exciting things! Monday I had a weird day where I felt very out of it and just *mehh* if you can picture that. So, my plan for Tuesday (and beyond) was to just do all the things and get myself out of my mood!

All the way up

On Tuesday I have just one class in the morning, and my teacher unfortunately (and fortunately) was very ill, and let us out at 9AM! Myself and another girl in my class decided that we should go to the round tower and see the great view, but everything in Copenhagen it feels like doesn’t open up until 10, so we tried plan B, go to Carlsberg Brewery! We did a great job of getting the bus, and walking the very steep incline as we approached the opening gate just as they were opening their doors! We felt very ‘abroad’ as we went up to inquire about the tours and beer tastings (please note it was exactly 10:01AM in the morning when we had this bright idea). Once again, timing was not in our favor as the events don’t start until 12, but we decided it was just a test run to find the place and we would be back soon! At this time the round tower would be open, so we took ourselves down the hill we had just climbed to the brewery, on the bus, and walked to the tower. The round tower is super nice because there aren’t stairs until the end, so the gradual incline was much needed. The view was so so so great and I am excited to climb all of the other towers in Copenhagen! (If you look real close in the center of the photo you will see a bridge in the clouds which takes you to Sweden!)


Wednesday Snail

Wednesday might just turn into my favorite day of the week! This Wednesday myself and my roommate headed to Skt Peders Bageri for their kanelsnegle, or as this bakery calls them Onsdag Snegle (which translates to Wednesday Snail). Someone told me that these were ‘overrated’ and I can assure you that they are WRONG. Not only is the building beautiful inside and out, the cinnamon rolls taste and smell divine, but its also only 17dkk on Wednesdays aka half off! You can guarantee I will make this place a definite stop every Wednesday from now on!



This week in Copenhagen is Techfest, where there are ton of different events and speakers and networking opportunities all around Copenhagen. I was reading a lot of different blogs about ‘best things to do in September’ and found out about this cool event! I put my name in to be on the waiting list for an event and woke up Wednesday morning to find out that I was in! I attended an event called FemVision: Empowering the Community of Female Entrepreneurship which was in the meatpacking district at a place called Jolene. There were two women from Sweden who spoke, and it was just a super cool experience that I am glad I had the courage to do by myself. This event worked out perfectly because I will be writing a piece on it for my travel writing class that will go more into depth about it (I will post it here as well!). 


Solo Friday

I woke up Friday morning to a very cold breeze coming in through the window and a light rain falling from the sky. Since I admittedly don’t do too much at night here, mornings are remaining my favorite times, when I can wake up early and join the morning early birds! Since running was out of the question this wet morning I referred to a list of coffee shops that are on my ‘must try’ list and headed to one. This weeks pick was Ispen & Co, a little further out than I have adventured, as I took the metro to Forum (a stop past school area) and walked about 15 minutes to find this tiny little shop on the corner. I always am amazed at how crowded these places are by such a diverse crowd, any day of the week. At this particular time there were people very much engaged in their conversations at their brown little tables, with only one other person with a laptop open. I felt like I should enjoy my ~solo~ time and so I drank my chai tea and ate my danish nut bread with jam and cheese first, before I opened up my computer for work.

On my way back I wanted to head to a museum that was free, but unfortunately the larger museums are only free on Wednesdays, BUT I found out that The Church of Our Lady has a little museum(ish) part of it and it was near school! On my walk I realized that this was something I pass on my way to classes so I was excited to take the time and see what was inside. Young Carly would be shivering at the thought of sightseeing buildings for fun, but 20 year old Carly is really into it. I was glad to be by myself because I could just do it all at my own pace without worrying if people I am with are into it or not. The upstairs floor had a timeline of the Church from the beginning which told how in 2004 Prince Frederik and Princess Mary had their wedding there! Also, that Queen Margaret was married at age 10 there, imagine THAT. Also pictured below is a photo in the church that I just really enjoyed, this man just seemed so kind and I found myself looking at it for so long and think I will stop in on my way to class to find him and get a good smile. I really enjoyed myself on this rainy day, because as the Danes say, there isn’t bad weather just bad clothing choices!


The Universal Language

Got to go back to my #roots this Sunday, as my floor got tickets to go see F.C. KØBENHAVN play! I feel like I haven’t been to a soccer game in years so I was super excited for this! We all met in our common area where we had pizza before heading on the metro and train to the stadium. Not only did we have great seats and learn some new danish chants but the home team won 4-2! I hope to see another game soon because this was definitley one of the highlights of things I’ve done here! Afterwards we tried to catch the bus, but so did every other person at the stadium, so we took a long walk and got to see a new part of Cope!


Also! My long travel week is officially PLANNED and I could not be more excited! At DIS we have two weeks off of school, one where we travel with our core course and another totally free to do what we want! So, in October you can catch me in Venice, Florence, and Paris! Woohoo! Shoutout to my mother for her help planning this crazy trip!

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  1. As I join you on your adventures, I’m not sure which is more impressive the places you been, the delicious never ending coffee shops with their pastries or the fact that you have truly embraced this experience and are more adventurous at 20, than I could ever imagine myself being at 55. Thanks for taking me along !

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