Family in Cope & Stockholm!

My family has arrived in Denmark for my official last leg of abroad before America!

Friday, December 8th

I met my mom, nan, and pop at the Copenhagen airport where we all took the trek to the airbnb they would be staying at, which turned out to be quite a long walk from the metro station with all of the bags, whoops!

Once settled, we took the metro to Norreport station and got food at the Glass Market, then walked my route I would do to school, and saw that area as well as the christmas markets! We stopped in and out of some stores to warm up from the Copenhagen cold as we walked along the very busy Stroget shopping street.

We all then headed back to the airbnb to make plans for the next day, and then I took the walk back to the metro and back to my apartment for the night.


Saturday, December 9th

We all met at Norreport station that way I didn’t have to take the metro outside of my zone. We got my classic breakfast of bread, butter, and cheese and some chai teas! We then split up so I could study for my Nordic Mythology final which was on Sunday, and they all went to see Rosenborg and Amalienborg Castle. I met them at Amalienborg where we went inside a huge dome that I passed before but never actually went in, which turned out to be a very pretty church.

Then we headed down the street to the Design Museum which I went to with class before, but this time got to see the whole thing and not just the chair exhibit, though it is quite impressive. The museum also had a christmas market in the backyard which was fun to walk through.

From here we took the bus to the meatpacking district to eat at Mother, a popular pizza place in Copenhagen. We then took two buses back home where we split up and went back to our homes!


Sunday, December 10th

I had my final from 9-11 on this day, and what I learned on this day is that the Danes enjoy their lazy Sundays, as the streets were absolutely empty as I took the metro and walked to my classroom.

I finished my final early so I went back to my apartment and went for a bike ride to the beach since my time is limited!

I then went back to school area and returned my books and met my nan, pop, and mom at a coffee shop where they were and we headed to the botanical gardens.

This was nice because the inside was nice and warm and also I have been here before but this time was with someone who actually knew everything that we were looking at (aka my pop).

We then took the metro from Norreport to Kongens Nytorv to see Nyhavn and then took the trek to Paper Island where we got some of my favorite eats (moroccan flatbread, pulled pork, and creme brûlée donut!).

After Paper Island we walked along the Christmas Markets by the colorful houses where I got a fairy ornament to match my collection at home. We then got on the metro to the bus stop (finally got the order down pat by this day-metro to Lergravsparken, walk across street to the bus stop and take the 4A).

When I got back to my apartment I did some laundry and began organizing some of my things a bit BUT  then I got a very special phone call!

My sister Nicole facetimed me to tell me that her and my other sister Gina were coming to Copenhagen. I didn’t believe her right away, but then I tracked Gina’s location like any normal person would via ~find my friends~ and saw that she was in fact at Newark airport!

The plan originally was for Nicole and Gina to surprise us all, but after they talked to my mom, nan, and pop and heard what I had planned for the day they thought they better let someone in on it.

So, with such exciting news I had to think of a plan for the next day!


Monday, December 11th

I met my nan, pop, and mom at the Amagerbro metro (my stop) where we walked to my favorite breakfast spot-Mad & Kaffe-just down the street for breakfast!

Afterwards, we walked back to the metro area to show them the little shopping center, my grocery store, and what not, basically just buying some time before Nicole texted met that she and Gina were on the metro.

I told them that we needed to wait outside the metro because I was waiting for a friend to say goodbye to, and then when I saw Nicole and Gina walk up I said, “And there they are, my friends!” The plan was such a success that it took a while for my nan and pop to even know who they were!

After this excitement my nan and pop sat with Gina and Nicole in Holm a coffee shop right there for some food while my mom and I went to pack me up out of my room. Then all six of us with six suitcases went by metro and bus to the airbnb. This was quite a time, and we probably looked so funny, but we made it!

I then went back to my apartment to finish up cleaning because I had a room check, and then I met the rest of the clan at Norreport station to eat at my favorite thai place where we all got the only thing I get (and knew what it said) on the menu-noodles, vegetables, beef, curry sauce (less spicy version).

We then all headed to Tivoli so they could experience the magical place, it even snowed while we were there which quite quickly turned into rain! I saw the light show once more, and got hotel chocolate hot chocolate, and just enjoyed my time at this beautiful place, which was quite sad to think I won’t be seeing these sights so soon.

After Tivoli we bared the cold  and rain and boarded the bus and split ways, the five of them to the airbnb and myself back to my Amagerbro home for one last sleep.


Tuesday, December 12th 

Tuesday was a sad day, as I said goodbye to my cute apartment in my cute Copenhagen home. I grabbed my things and did a final walk through before heading to the airbnb to meet the rest of my fam and drop off my things!

We all then headed to Democratic Coffee for what else other than the almond croissant! (I wanted to make sure everyone at least tried it, but really just my mom, pop, and myself got them)

From this stop we then headed to Carlsberg Brewery by bus and took a tour of the factory, saw the largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the world, had a horse carriage ride around the grounds, and drank some christmas Carlsberg beer with them as I am a legal gal!

We took the bus back in to Norreport where I showed my mom, nan, and pop to Buzz Cafe, one of my favorite study spots, so they could all sit down and warm up. While they did this I took Nicole and Gina to Paper Island for some glogg, cider, and sweets!


Wednesday, December 13th 

We woke up early so we could get the train at Central Station since we were headed to Stockholm! I was able to show my nan and pop the only Dunkin Donuts in Denmark!

We boarded our train for a five hour ride to Stockholm which was super pretty and snowy, and a nice change of pace from all the planes I had been taking.

We then boarded the Tunnel, which is like the Cope metro, to the hotel we were staying at and dropped off our things. We found some much needed food and took the walk to the Vasa Museum. My pop and I definitley thought this was all about vikings but upon entering and seeing the size of this massive ship in the middle of the building, we realized it definitely was not a viking ship. Turns out this ship was built by the Swedes to try and make a grand war ship to intimidate Denmark, but once it set sail it sunk and has been underwater for 333 years. Better luck next time Sweden.

We took the walk back on the icy side walks back to the hotel and warmed up with some hot drinks. Then, mom, Nicole, Gina, and I went out on a hunt to find the Sweden snail, since I missed my very last time (for now) to get my Wednesday cinnamon bun at Skt. Peder’s Bakery :/ The ones we finally found were made the Swedish way but still very yummy!

We then all met up to figure out our plan for the next day and hit the hay!

Thursday, December 14th

We were able to have breakfast at the hotel which was really nice, and also very interesting looking at what myself and everyone else got to eat (america vs. euro meals). We then got the bus to the ABBA Museum, which was quite the way to start a morning! The museum was so interactive as well as informative–all I knew about the band was from Mamma Mia!

I danced on stage, sang on stage, sang in a booth, mixed music, did it all! When in Sweden and when with ABBA ya know!

Afterwards we took the bus back to the hotel to get our bags and something warm to drink before heading off to the underground tunnel that would take us back to the central station.

This was another great train ride because Nicole and I watched Mamma Mia on our way back to Cope! How could we not honestly.


Friday, December 15th

Our group of six woke and took the metro back to the Amagerbro metro stop (where I used to live) and had breakfast at Boheme, a coffee shop by where I used to live. Then, everyone took the metro to Oresund while I went and got my bike from outside my apartment building and rode to meet them there.

We headed to one of my absolute favorite places, the beach, so I could make sure that everyone who wanted got a change to ride my bike before I had to part ways with it. People always compare things to being like ‘riding a bike’ but let me say, some people (Gina) definitley forget, so I think this statement needs to be reevaluated.

While at the beach we also watched these people jumping in and out of the Baltic Sea. Keep in mind that we were bundled like crazy and these brave souls were naked jumping in, I credit this action to why their skin is so nice.

The rest of the family boarded the metro to Kongens Nytrov and I rode my bike (was sooo close to getting there first but I ran into some bike traffic :/)

While my Nan, Pop, and Mom went in the department store, Magasin, Nicole, Gina, and I went to return my bike, a very sad moment indeed. We then got some hot dogs and took the metro to Christianshavn where I FINALLY was able to climb to the top, and it certainly did not disappoint! It was super high up, and the stairs wrap around the outside with nothing but air between you, but the view was incredible!

Afterwards I took them to see the Freetown, Christania, and then we treated ourselves to these waffle cones filled with ice cream for all of our physical activity!

We met everyone back at the airbnb where we got ready to meet my visiting host family at Paludan for dinner. This was my last meet-up with Ole and Lene, and I was so excited to have everyone meet! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with this family, they really made my study abroad time in Denmark just that much more special with their kindness.


Saturday, December 16th

Today I took my family to La Glace, the oldest danish confectionary in Denmark, where I went once before with my core course, and of course it did not disappoint! We then walked to the changing of the guards, which was cool because I was able to see the full production this time.

We then all went to the department store Magasin to look around and get some food other than the sweets we had for breakfast! Nan and Pop went back to the apartment, while the rest of us did some shopping and climbed the round tower!

When we returned to the apartment we found out that my nan’s wallet had been stolen, so we settled the necessary cancellations that were needed, and then my mom, Nicole, Gina, and I headed to the ice bar! This was located in the Generator hostel and was super cool (literally).

On our way back to the airbnb we stopped and got shawarma, all in all a nice way to end my time in Copenhagen.

Upon returning home we got down to business and began the packing process!

total people: 6

total suitcases: 9


Sunday, December 17th

Early in the morning our group rolled our suitcases to get the bus, and then the metro, all for the final time with our things in tow! After checking in we headed our separate ways to our gates as we all were flying at different times, of course!

My flight was good besides the fact that the girl in front of me decided throw up many times on the direct 8hr flight. Truly can’t win them all.

When I landed I went through passport control and all of those things associated with it, and while in line I definitley knew I was in America by the many flat screen tv’s displaying various football games.

I waited with my dad, where we ate at subway (same place and meal I had before leaving for Copenhagen four months earlier), and I changed out the sim card in my phone for the official return of American Carly!

Next to arrive was Gina, who we met at the returns and she headed on the train back to NYC. Nicole flew into Pittsburgh and made it home, and next up was Nan, Pop, and Mom, who got the short end of the stick and had a flight cancelled and had to fly to Boston and then switch from there. They did in fact return to Newark airport, with only one suitcase not returning, not to shabby!

Thus ends my European adventure (for now)! I will say it definitley was very strange waking up in my own bed with my cat, showering in an actual bathtub, and just getting back to my normal home routine. But, here I am America-see you soon I am sure, Cope!

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