Pre Departure Preparation

It is time to fly people!

It is the day of my flight out of the country, to a new country, all by myself, not returning for 4 months..

At some moments I feel very prepared and excited, while other moments I find myself wondering if I should have packed that extra shirt..

My time up until this moment have been filled with many lists made, many blogs read, and many abroad videos watched. There is A LOT that goes into studying abroad for a whole semester, a lot of things that you don’t even think of, which is why this post is dedicated to my pre departure preparation, in hopes that this will help someone else before they embark on their adventure!

My Packing List (August-December)
*If you are interested in more specific details into my packing list feel free to  send me a message!

In total to Copenhagen I am taking:
2 checked suit cases
1 carry on backpack (osprey 30L)

Long Sleeves: 5
Sweaters: 3
Cardigans: 7
Short Sleeves: 8
Tank Tops: 5

Jeans: 5
Leggings: 5
Shorts: 1
Dresses: 1
Shoes: 5

Blanket scarf
Winter coat
Light jacket

*Not included: toiletries/miscellaneous items

Packing Tips:

  • Try on EVERYTHING, don’t just assume those jeans fit and that top is fine. Try them on with the different shoes, shirts, and sweaters you are brining to make sure that you will wear this item of clothing and it isn’t wasted space in your suitcase!
  • Look at the weather not just in the place you will be living, but also other places you plan to travel in so you can pack accordingly
  • Double check your airline’s policy on luggage weight and size, as well as other european airlines luggage policy as I am told it is definitley much more strict on what exactly your 1 carry on item is

Don’t Forget!

  • Be sure to call your cell phone provider to know what options are available while abroad, I chose to do the DIS phone plan offered! (I have AT&T and had a heck of a time trying to unlock my phone, but alas I have done it!)
  • I am choosing to use a credit card while abroad, to do this I had to apply for a card that does not cost any fees when used in a foreign country. This is EXTREMELY important to look into before hand that way you are not spending any more than you need to! (updates to follow on what works best!)
  • As far as plane tickets, personal insurance, and other documents DIS has for you, have one designated folder holding all of this information that way you know exactly where anything important will be

What I’ve Come to Learn:

  • Double and triple check your transportation when booking it to be sure everything is right. Of course it’s exciting booking your first european flight, but for peace of mind, just verify it with your calendar before clicking submit!
  • You are 100% going to forget something or wish you brought/hadn’t brought something. It is OKAY! Once you get this through your brain that the world will not end and you can get by with less, packing will go a lot smoother. Try and practice that ~go with the flow~ attitude everyone talks about now!
  • Money. I know I will be spending a lot of it while abroad, and this is still something that is hard to come to terms with. No one likes seeing their bank account decrease, but something that I like to keep in mind (may not work for everyone), is that spending my money while on this crazy new adventure is exactly why I work and I can’t think of a better reason to spend it, than on this adventure.

*Did not end up bringing Monte :/

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