Wednesday Field Study!

Wednesday’s at DIS are free from classes and filled with field studies, and while some Wednesdays are totally free, others are filled with interesting adventures with our classes! On my very first Wednesday of the semester I had TWO field studies, one with my Photojournalism class and the other with my Strategic Communications class. I was already very excited and ready for this first week of classes because I wanted to better establish a routine for myself here in Copenhagen and really settle in. So, having two field studies and the DIS activities fair on this day was very exciting for me.

I have this course every Tuesday, so with my first class being just the day before, I was very interested to see what all this course would entail. My class met at 9AM in our classroom and were greeted by photojournalist Michael Bothager who showed our class some of his work and taught us how to work the camera in order to achieve these shots. As someone who has taken photography classes before, I found this to be really cool, because it isn’t everyday that you get to meet and talk to someone who does this for a living. The Copenhagen weather snuck up on us when we went outside, so instead of getting soaked, Laerke (my professor) and Michael decided to move our lesson inside to Torvehallerne, otherwise known as the Glass Markets. This was so so awesome because I have been really wanting to see this since I heard it was similar to the Reading Terminal Market back at school!


It was great to explore this place for the first time through the lens of the camera. Our assignment was to work with getting to talk to strangers there, focusing on shallow and great depth of field, as well as motion in our photos.


Afterwards, myself and another girl in my class decided to stay and walk around without the camera so we could admire (and try) the food! After talking we realized that we are both in Strategic Communications so we both had the same field study that afternoon! Overall thoughts: turns out rain can in fact be a really good thing and I also really need to try the porridge at the glass market.

Strategic Communications 
I met my core course class by DIS where we and the other Strat Comm class walked to the metro together and took it to the IT University of Copenhagen. I learned there are only 4 colleges for Denmark students to choose from, and by the looks of this place, I would say this is definitley the one I would choose.



We then were taken through a workshop on Design Thinking which was a concept I had never heard of before but was really interesting to learn about and actually go through the process. The steps to this process are:
1. Empathize
2. Define
3. Ideate
4. Prototype
5. Test
Our task was to design a communication plan using this model centered on a 3D Printer. This was super fun to do because we were under a time constraint and not given clear cut decisions so it really was one of those tasks that you just had to jump right into to! Here is my ~final prototype~



After this second field study I ended my day by attending the DIS Activities Fair and eating some great food as I paroozed the many tables there! Then, I got home and slept after my busy day which felt a lot like my life at SJU which I was really excited about!

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