Admissions Essay

Like Mary Poppins, my sisters Nicole and Gina are “practically perfect in every way.” Outgoing and witty, determined and rational, my sisters embody everything I wish to be when I grow up. When I was a sophomore in high school both my sisters left for college, leaving me at home as an only child. This was the year I grew, the year I became independent, and the year I realized everything that I will face in the future I can overcome. Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious became a word of my past, not only did I find my voice in this one year but I also discovered the person I am today.

The first movie I ever watched as a child was Cinderella. I adored the mice and the elegant dresses that all the girls wore, and I especially loved how it had a happy ending. As I got older I started to realize that life isn’t a fairytale and not everything can be fixed with magic. Although these facts are unfortunately true, Cinderella did teach me many things that have shaped my life and provided me with a valuable foundation for my future.

When Cinderella’s father died and she was left with her stepmother and sisters she was made to work and clean. A six year old at the time, this was very frustrating for me to watch, but as I got older I realized a very valuable lesson that this scene encompassed, and that was to work hard in everything you do. In life you cannot always have your way, and sometimes you may just have to wait out your bad times, in hopes that it will turn around soon.

This was the case during my high school soccer seasons. Every day I went to practice and every day I became more and more discouraged; constantly being yelled at by my older teammates and never receiving recognition for plays I made, led me to a very lackadaisical performance towards the end of the season. My older teammates were in a way like Cinderella’s stepfamily, and once I realized this I drew a comparison that led me to a more positive outlook; graduation day for these senior players will come, as did Cinderella’s wedding. For the time being though I had to continue to work hard at the sport I love and by doing this I not only learned the value of hard work, but I also learned the value of having thick skin and a tough mind. These self-achieved attributes will always be a part of my character and will never disappear at the stroke of twelve.

Unlike Peter Pan I am unable to stay a kid forever, but no matter what, Cinderella will always be a major part of myself, as she helped me with both a very tough and important time in my life. This was a year that I gained my identity as a hard working and ambitious person. Having to figure out how to overcome obstacles without my sisters by my side was an adjustment that I did not welcome but was well needed. Cinderella’s Fairy God Mother was not there for her every step of the way, as I now know my sisters will not be either. Fairy God Mothers are there when we need them, like my sisters. They are my family and with just a wave of a wand and a few magic words, Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo, they will always be there for me.



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